Best places to visit in Sri Lanka


The tourist destination, travel to the island of Sri Lanka, located south of the Asian continent. You should know that it is a site with a diversity of tourist attractions. Therefore, if you want to know most of these places, you will have to plan a itinerary for at least two weeks. In this post you will discover the best places to visit in Sri Lanka.

Main tourist attractions in Sri Lanka

This island has many places for tourists to have diverse environments and recreational activities. Therefore, the main sites to visit in this beautiful island are: The three cities that form the cultural triangle Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa and Sigiriya. Another missed destination is the Golden Temple located in the city of Dambulla. In the city of Kandy, there is the temple of the tooth of Buddha.

In the city of Nuwara Eliya, you’ll see huge mountains with small waterfalls, and picturesque landscapes of the tea fields. An indispensable visit to the Hortain Plains National Park, Worlds End. You will also have the opportunity to do a safari tour in some of the parks. In the village of Mirissa, the beach has all the comforts for the tourist and you can enjoy an afternoon with dolphins and whales. You can not fail to visit the cities of Galle and Colombo which is the capital of Sri Lanka.

Tips If you are going to travel to Sri Lanka

If you are soon venturing on a trip and vacation to Sri Lanka, island of spectacular natural and architectural landscapes. I advise you to contract travel insurance, take enough money so you can pay the entrance to museums, temples and parks. The best season to travel is April, September and November. The country enjoys a tropical climate, which makes any time of the year ideal to visit.

Trip to the Bahamas

The islands of the Bahamas, is a tourist destination that is located in the Caribbean Sea. This paradise is formed by 700 islands, crags and cays. The person who wishes to take a trip to the Bahamas, to know the tourist attractions that this spectacular place offers, can obtain information in a travel agency.

The islands of the Bahamas, is a tourist destination, ideal for tourists who have a passion to have a holiday of sun, beach and sand. The tourist will enjoy an enormous diversity of beaches with crystalline waters, diving and outdoor activities, as well as cultural visits.

The Bahamas

The Bahamas Islands are formed by fifteen main islands, some are: Nassau/Paradise Island, Grand Bahama Island, Bimini, Andros, Las Exumas, Mayaguana, Inagua and Ragged Island. Each has spectacular sea-scenery beaches that make it possible to fulfill the dream of every tourist, to have a vacation in a paradise.

The beaches of the Bahamas, are wonderful, are characterized by its beautiful sand. If you like a quiet atmosphere, some beaches are virgin, and you can live the experience of feeling that you are discovering them for the first time. In these beautiful beaches of crystalline water, you will find various activities to do such as: Enjoy the gastronomy of the sea, or if you like sports you can practice: windsurfing, fishing, or wake-boarding.

How to travel to the Bahamas

The tourist who wants to take a recreational trip to the Bahamas, can look for these services on some travel websites, which offer a tourist package to this place framed in thebeautiful destinations. Because this archipelago of islands is near the coast of Miami, it is possible to arrive in an hour to the islands of the Bahamas from this city of the United States. The tourist can choose how to go, because if you do not like the sea can do it in a plane, and if your fascination is the ocean you can go on a yacht or hire a cruise ship that goes out from Miami.

Tips for Adventure Tourism

mountainsIf the person likes the adrenaline, long trekking between mountains, to observe the extensive nature that the world offers, his preference will be to make a type of tourism with adventurous destinations. Now, in this article I will help giving you some tips to make adventure tourism.

Planning an adventure Trip

I recommend that you review in your browser a few pages to travel, that will help you when planning a visit to an adventure tourist destination. You can search by using the Internet, that mountains are close to your area for trekking, so you can appreciate nature and clear your mind.

If you are not enough to do a trekking to satisfy your adventurous spirit. I advise you to check out the Adventure tour pages, which tourist plans can offer you. Maybe this is a little expensive, but when you hire this service, you won’t have to worry about anything. Just let your guide take you to the tourist destination.

How to make your tourist route?

If you have the idea of planning an adventure tourist route to a new destination. It is recommended that you locate on a map, the point of departure and the point of arrival. So, you’ll know how many miles you’re going to get to your destination. What services you can find on the way. If the route is a mountain trek inside, you can use a GPS as a preventative measure.

What should the adventurous tourist wear in the backpack?

If you plan to go back and forth the same day, use a light clothing, the weight limits the mobility. Wear a light backpack, it is important that the adventurer keep: Your identity card, waterproof jacket, drinking water, fruits, and some pain relief medicine.

If the hiker will make a long route that involves camping, it is advisable to balance the weight of the backpack. In this you must carry: your identity document, clothes change, raincoat, jackets, tent, sleeping, insulating, kitchenette, kitchenware, water, food, medicines, among others.

8 United States tourist attractions you should visit

Considered one of the largest countries in the world, the United States has a diverse number of landscapes and tourist destinations, with grandiose skyscrapers and extraordinary architectures to the most beautiful parks and natural attractions. America’s tourist attractions are so heterogeneous that it is vital to create a list to cover the most eye-catching. Apart from its cultural richness and diversity in its inhabitants from all over the world, such as Italians, Germans, Africans, Latin Americans, among others. This is done by one of the best tourist destinations. Next we will detail you the best tourist places in the United States that you must visit.

Times Square in New York

The Times Square is regarded as the heart of new York, this is one of the tourist places in the United States that has become the emblem of this city. Characterized by its large number of luminous warnings and animation is a global icon and image of new York city. In the Times Square you can find diversity of bars, theatres, restaurants and museums for all tastes, in addition, lots of atmosphere and fun to enjoy. A curious fact, its name is due to the offices of the newspaper the New York Times, because its facilities were in the building one Time Square.

Colorado Canyon in Arizona

It is an attractive and carved natural monument that has been sculpted over millions of years by the Colorado River located in northern Arizona, in the United States. Known as the Grand Canyon is the first natural park in this country that was declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage site in the year 1979. It is one of the most recommended tourist attractions in the United States because of its many tourist activities that it offers, such as walking on the edge, which is 2134 m above sea level, also offer excursions, rafting and river descents. In the same way, walk down, by horse or boat (from the top of the river). It is important to take into account the recommendations of the officials to do any of these activities.

Statue of Liberty of new York

Without a doubt, the Statue of Liberty is one of the most important tourist places in America. Since, this monument became a world symbol outside of its country, representing freedom and independence in relation to the domination of the peoples. Its name “The Freedom illuminating the world” was the first sight of the immigrants of Europe when they arrived in the country crossing the Atlantic. This statue you can find in Liberty Island, you can only access it by ferry, on the pier south of Manhattan at Battery Park. It is also a World Heritage site since the year 1984. To access the viewpoint that is in the crown it is necessary to buy tickets by internet weeks in advance.


Chicago, known as “the Second city” or “the city of the Winds”, has many destinations to travel and too many things to do. One of the tourist places in the United States with amazing places to visit, a mixture of past and present. Among the places to visit are: The Bean the most striking and popular sculpture in Chicago; The Navy pier a pier where you can find terraces to take and share, an amusement park, shopping malls, restaurants; A view from the Willis Tower with its famous glass floor for the bravest, among other interesting sites.

Niagara Falls

One of the unique and unsurpassed United States tourist attractions is the Niagara Falls, which are between Canada and the United States, have become, after their discovery by the European colonizers, in one of the natural destinations Most extraordinary and wonderful in the whole world. Annually receiving millions of tourists from all over the planet. Among its points to visit in the Falls are: Maid of the Mist (Maiden of the Mist) under the Falls, Journey behind the falls go behind the Falls, Horseshoe Falls is the most amazing part, Goat Island viewpoint in front of the Falls, Bridal Veil Falls and Table Rock another viewpoint with a great view. Considered as a tourist destination for both its beauty and its environmental conservation project.

Lincoln Monument (Washington)

This is a statue in homage and commemoration to the President of the United States Abraham Lincoln, has an extraordinary and inspiring view. Sitting in his chair and staring at the monument to Washington, his whole structure is symbolic because his speeches, values that kept him faithful, and the various inscriptions that represent a part of the history of the Americans. It is a sacred monument for its inhabitants who have become a symbol for speeches and historical encounters. It is open every day 24 hours. One of the tourist places in the United States that you should visit.

San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate is one of the longest and tallest hanging bridges in the world, located in the state of California, United States, which joins the San Francisco Peninsula with Marin County. This is the most famous bridge in San Francisco despite not being the biggest in this city. This is one of the tourist places in the United States that is recommended to visit as the symbol of the city and the dearest. It is possible to get an excellent view from the Mirador H. Dana Post, to access it is necessary to cross the bridge in a north direction and you will find it.


It is a port city located in southeastern Florida, the United States, around the Miami River, between the Everglades and the Atlantic Ocean. A city with importance in finance, commerce, media, entertainment, arts and international trade. Headquarters of numerous central offices of companies, banks and television studios. It is also the International center of Popular Entertainment in television, music, fashion, film and Performing Arts. You can also visit: The beaches of Miami, South Beach and Ocean Drive, Littl

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5 essential places to see in Sevilla

Seville is a Spanish city known for its cultural and historical heritage. It is also the capital of the province of Andalusia. The tourist who wants to know Sevilla, will have the opportunity to walk through its enormous historical center. This, is full of buildings of ancient architecture, which will make the visitor feel that it travels to the past. In the present post I will tell you about 5 essential places to see in Sevilla.
If you want to make a city tour you can hire this service, visiting some pages to travel that offer. Among the destinations to see in Sevilla, the following are highlighted:

La Giralda

The Giralda is the belfry of the Cathedral of Seville, measuring 104 meters high and was built the year of 1184. Its name comes from the word revolve and refers to the statue with human figure of bronze, which fulfils the function of being a vane. If you go up to the belfry you will have a panoramic view of the city.

Real Alcázar de Sevilla

The Royal Alcazar of Seville was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1987, being the oldest royal palace in Europe. It is in excellent condition. And it is for this reason that on certain occasions it is reserved by the royal family to stay in their visits to the city. If you come to visit it, you will see its structure, gardens, lounges, among others.

Gold Tower

The Gold tower is located in the adjacencies of the Guadalquivir River. This historic monument was built in 1220 and gets its name from the reflex it evokes in the river. In this historical building the visitor will be able to know the Naval Museum of Seville, which is located in its interior.

Plaza de Toros de Sevilla

The bullring of the Real Maestranza de Cavalry in Seville, built in 1745, is the most historic bullfighting square in Spain. Here are the bullfights of the city of Seville, being one of its most interesting events, the fair of April. This imposing square can reach 12,500 people.

Maria Luisa Park

The park of Maria Luisa is one of the main attractions of Seville, is surrounded by trees of elms, acacias, Laureles, among others. You will also be able to appreciate its attractive sources. In this park were built two squares, one is the Plaza de América and the other is the Plaza de España.

Venice Guide (Italy)

Venice from

Venice also called the City of Canals, is located in a chain of 118 islands in the lagoon of Venice. These are connected by more than 455 bridges and is the destination of millions of tourists every year. If your tastes are to go to know this romantic city, in this post you will find a brief guide of Venice (Italy) and its attractive tourist attractions.

Venice, in addition to being recognized for its gondolas and canals, has an extensive heritage and history, including its historic quarter was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. If you want to make a tour of this famous city, you can find information about tourist plans on some travel websites or tourist agencies.

Tourist attractions to visit in Venice

Venice is a unique, magical and romantic tourist destination. That the city above the water makes it captivating and different for any visitor. Like any European city, it does not escape the possession of a great cultural, artistic and historical patrimony.

You can walk around St. Mark’s Square and of course visit St. Mark’s Basilica, San Marcos Library, the Campanile brick, the Ducal Palace, the Dell’Orologio Tower and the Run museum. All these are ancient buildings from the Renaissance period with Gothic architecture, their dimensions will amaze you since you see it for the first time.

In Venice, you can also visit the palaces of Ca ‘ D’Oro, Ca ‘ Rezzonico, Palazzo Dolfin Manin, Palazzo Fortuny, Palazzo Grassi. Each one of these palaces, inside it hides, priceless jewels of art among which they highlight: drawings of the very Leonardo da Vinci and the booklet of sketches of Canaletto.

About Venice

Venice is a city that has a Mediterranean climate. To get to this city Romancista you can do it by air, sea or land. Its gastronomy is varied and it uses among its main ingredients the fish and the shellfish. Among its most popular dishes are: the cod Mousse, fried crabs and overflowing seafood.